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Neck Lift in Newburgh and New York, NY

Tired of sagging skin affecting your youthful glow? Opt for a rejuvenating Neck Lift by Dr. Rubinstein in Newburgh, NY. Restore firmness, redefine your jawline, and enjoy a revitalized, youthful appearance. Time to turn back the clock!

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What is a Deep Plane Neck Lift?

There are a number of procedures available at Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Specialists PC to improve the appearance of the neck, including liposuction, mini neck lift, direct neck lift, extended deep plane facelift surgery, and the deep plane neck lift. A deep plane neck lift is a type of neck lift surgery that sculpts and transforms the deeper layers of the neck to achieve dramatic and long-lasting neck rejuvenation. 

Traditional neck lift surgery usually involves:

  • Liposuction
  • Removal of excess skin and fat
  • Tightening of the platysma muscle with sutures
Dr. Rubinstein is known for his dramatic, natural-looking neck lift and deep plane neck lift results.
Dr. Rubinstein is known for his dramatic, natural-looking neck lift and deep plane neck lift results.

The deep plane neck lift involves similar steps to those used in a traditional neck lift, but the deep plane neck lift addresses deeper tissues. During the deep plane neck lift, the platysma muscle is sutured at the midline and tucked under the jaw laterally to maximize resuspension. For additional contouring, the deep plane neck lift addresses excess fat lying below the platysma. The doctor also trims the digastric muscles and low-hanging submandibular glands. 

Dr. Rubinstein is known for his dramatic, natural-looking neck lift and deep plane neck lift results. Each neck lift is unique and he creates a personalized surgical plan for each patient. Dr. Rubinstein may recommend a facelift or another cosmetic procedure along with a neck lift in some cases, based on the patient’s goals.

My life changed when my wife and I parted ways. I wanted to start dating again, but I was really insecure about my looks. Specifically, the loose, sagging skin under my chin. I did my homework and found Dr. Rubinstein. I was really impressed with his resume (double board-certification) and before-and-after photos. He recommended a neck lift to improve my profile and I quickly and easily decided to have the procedure. I really can’t believe how great I look. I feel so confident and relaxed now. I’m definitely ready to date again and it’s all thanks to Dr. Rubinstein.

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Neck Lift Consultation in Newburgh and New York, NY

Dr. Rubinstein provides neck lift consultations in Newburgh and New York, NY, for adult men and women who want to improve their neck and jawline appearance. During the neck lift surgery consultation, he reviews the patient’s goals, medical conditions, drug allergies, current medications, and previous surgeries to ensure that they are a good candidate.

To provide an approximate preview, Dr. Rubinstein uses 3D imaging technology, which allows the patient to visualize how a neck lift will improve their appearance. He performs a general health evaluation and measures and examines the patient’s face and neck before recommending a course of treatment. He will discuss the likely outcome of the neck lift, along with any risks, and go over anesthesia options. Patients are encouraged to ask questions. 

Patient Results

* All patients are unique and individual results may vary.

Dr. Rubinstein in Newburgh, NY


Neck Lift Procedure in Newburgh and New York, NY

Dr. Rubinstein will plan the surgical procedure during the consultation, which may involve cervicoplasty to remove excess skin or platysmaplasty to alter the neck muscles. He typically performs traditional neck lift procedures with local anesthesia and sedation, however, general anesthesia may be used during a deep neck lift. 

During a deep neck lift, a single 1-inch incision is hidden under the chin. Dr. Rubinstein removes superficial fat as well as fat located deep within the neck and under the chin before lifting and tightening the neck muscles during the customized procedure. He lifts layers of skin, fat, muscles, glands, and connective tissue, and sculpts a more refined and elegant jaw and neckline.

Neck lift surgery is unique and the incisions may vary. To avoid hematomas and healing complications after surgery, Dr. Rubinstein usually places a temporary drain in the area. He also places a compression dressing around the head and neck to encourage proper healing. 

Neck Lift Recovery 

Dr. Rubinstein provides each patient with neck lift aftercare instructions based on the details of their surgery. Dr. Rubinstein removes the drain and replaces the compression dressing the day after surgery.

Patients typically return to see Dr. Rubinstein after the first and second week to have sutures and staples removed. Bruising and swelling are generally handled with ice, compression dressing, and elevation. Most bruising and swelling dissipate within the first two weeks and patients begin to see improvements right away or as swelling disappears.

Deep plane neck lift patients typically need 7 to 14 days of downtime to rest and recuperate after surgery. During this time, bruising and swelling are expected, and patients may take over-the-counter medication or prescription medication to reduce any discomfort. 

Final neck lift results are seen in 4 to 6 months. Scars are hidden in the lines under the chin and fade during the first six months to one year.   

Neck Lift Cost 

Neck Lift Cost in Newburgh, NY 

The cost of a neck lift procedure varies based on individual factors such as the type of neck lift required, facility fees, anesthesia costs, and surgeon fees. Dr. Rubinstein, a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in facial plastic surgery, conducts thorough initial consultations to discuss the patient’s goals and medical history, providing transparent information about the average cost of neck lift procedures and any additional expenses involved.

Patients considering neck lift surgery can expect to discuss the average cost, payment options, and potential insurance coverage during their consultation. Dr. Rubinstein, known for his expertise in neck lift procedures and facial rejuvenation, ensures that patients have ample time to address their concerns and make informed decisions about their surgical journey. With a focus on achieving natural-looking results and a smooth healing process, Dr. Rubinstein offers personalized care to each patient, guiding them through every step of their neck lift operation for optimal outcomes and satisfaction.

Common Neck Lift Questions

How much does a neck lift cost?

Dr. Rubinstein explains the procedure’s cost during the consultation along with affordable payment options. Each neck lift is customized to match the patient’s needs, and the price is based on the details of the surgery and any additional procedures performed during the surgery.

What is the difference between a traditional neck lift and a deep plane neck lift?

A deep plane neck lift provides a natural reshaping of the jawline. It has advantages like longer-lasting results, shorter incisions, and a quicker recovery than a traditional neck lift. Dr. Rubinstein offers different options like the mini neck lift and neck lift with platysma muscle tightening.
The deep plane neck lift benefits patients with a full neck who need advanced reshaping of the glands and profile. The incisions are also positioned discreetly with meticulous techniques using three levels of stitches that are virtually invisible when the area heals. Dr. Rubinstein examines patients to determine which neck lift procedure will provide them with the best results. 

What is a direct neck lift?

A direct neck lift addresses the excess skin directly in the midline of the neck with incisions in front or behind the ears. Ideal candidates are not bothered by jaw line laxity or jowls, don’t mind a midline scar in their neck, prefer local anesthesia, and only want to remove their “turkey neck.”  

What should I expect during my neck lift consultation?

During the neck lift consultation, Dr. Rubinstein will examine your neck and face and review your health history to determine if a neck lift procedure will help you reach your goals. If he considers you a good candidate for neck lift surgery, you will receive a personalized neck lift surgical plan.

Who is a good candidate for neck lift surgery?

The best candidates for neck lift surgery are over 18, in good physical health, and unhappy with the appearance of their neck due to advanced aging, a turkey neck, or a double chin. Dr. Rubinstein provides potential neck lift candidates with before-and-after photos from prior patients and creates a personalized neck lift treatment plan during the consultation.

What are the risks or side effects associated with neck lift surgery?

Dr. Rubinstein takes multiple levels of precaution to reduce the risks associated with neck lift surgery. Patients are strongly encouraged to stop smoking and to follow all presurgical and postsurgical instructions. 

Although rare, there are potential risks. These risks may include bleeding, scarring, nerve damage, skin loss, blood clots, and open wounds. Advanced techniques minimize these risks. Complications are rare when neck lift surgery is performed by an experienced, board-certified facial plastic surgeon. 

When can I resume my normal activities after deep plane neck lift surgery?

Dr. Rubinstein will provide you with a recovery timeline during the consultation. He will explain what to expect immediately after surgery, during the first and second week, and when you will see your full results. Most patients resume their regular activities after seeing the surgeon around two weeks post-surgery.

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