Buccal Fat Removal in Newburgh, NY
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Buccal Fat Removal in Newburgh, NY

Considering buccal fat removal in Newburgh, NY? Dr. Ran Rubinstein specializes in this cosmetic procedure. It sculpts round cheeks by removing fat cells from the lower cheek area. Consultations determine suitability. The quick outpatient procedure may include facial liposuction and cheek reduction surgery for defined contours. Chin liposuction can complement the outcome. Buccal fat removal offers a safe and effective way to enhance facial balance without invasive surgery, personalized plans tailored by a certified plastic surgeon.

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Buccal Fat Pad Removal in Newburgh, NY


Buccal Fat Pad Removal in Newburgh, NY

At Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Specialists PC, we specialize in buccal fat pad removal to help reduce and contour the cheeks. This procedure is ideal for those who are unhappy with their baby’s fat or overly full cheeks. During a one-on-one cosmetic consultation with Dr. Rubinstein, patients will have the opportunity to discuss their aesthetic goals and create an individualized care plan tailored toward achieving successful results. Our board-certified surgeon can perform buccal fat pad removal as a quick outpatient or office procedure, using liposuction techniques combined with cheek reduction surgery. Patients often see dramatic improvements in facial contours when choosing this procedure, leading to a more balanced and mature-looking facial structure that compliments their features.

I’m a perfectionist I do my research before doing anything to my face or body. He is the best. Educated, experienced, professional. I’ve been going to him for years and never had any problems. He will keep your face looking naturally beautiful. There has been times I’ve asked for more filler & he will say it’s too soon, not one to just do more for the money. The office & staff are great as well. You won’t be disappointed.

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Buccal Pad Removal Recovery

Dr. Rubinstein provides each patient with detailed buccal lipectomy aftercare instructions. The majority of patients do not need pain medication. Some patients resume their daily activities immediately after the procedure, but most choose to relax after the operation and resume their activities the following day.

No visible wounds or scars occur during the healing process because the incisions are made inside the cheeks. The surgeon’s aftercare instructions may include:

  • Tending to the incision site
  • Avoiding high-impact sports
  • Applying medication or using mouthwash to help with healing and prevent infection
  • Returning for a follow-up visit

Some swelling should be expected, along with minor bruising that is often undetectable. Dietary adjustments such as a liquid or soft diet are needed for the first few days, but most patients resume a regular diet after ten days.

The full benefits of the surgery, including a more refined and chiseled look, the removal of chipmunk or chubby cheeks, and a more balanced appearance, are fully visible in 4 to 6 weeks.

Buccal Pad Consultation in Newburgh, NY

Men and women who are interested in achieving a slimmer, more angular facial shape can visit Dr. Rubinstein for a consultation in Newburgh, NY to learn more about the procedure and ask questions. Buccal fat removal surgery is a minor procedure that provides patients with beautiful results and attractive facial contours. Ideal candidates are healthy non-smokers who have realistic cosmetic surgery expectations.

During the buccal fat removal consultation, Dr. Rubinstein will examine your cheeks and skin. He will also review your health history and current medications to ensure you are healthy enough for surgery.

The doctor may recommend buccal fat removal if you have chubby cheeks or drooping buccal fat pads. He will ask you about your cosmetic concerns, and in some cases, he may suggest a combination of therapies like buccal fat removal along with cheek augmentation, or injectables such as Botox or chin fillers.

Dr. Rubinstein provides each patient with detailed buccal lipectomy aftercare instructions.
Dr. Rubinstein provides each patient with detailed buccal lipectomy aftercare instructions.

Patient Results

* All patients are unique and individual results may vary.

Buccal Pad Removal Cost

Buccal Pad Removal Cost

Buccal fat pad removal may cost approximately $2000 to $5000, depending on the details of the procedure. Buccal pad removal is a minor cosmetic procedure sometimes combined with another treatment to provide enhanced results. Dr. Rubinstein explains the total cost of the buccal pad removal along with affordable payment options during the consultation.

Common Buccal Fat Pad Removal Questions

How long do buccal pad removal results last?

Dr. Rubinstein permanently removes the buccal pads during the short procedure using a small incision hidden within each cheek. The slimming, contoured results are long-lasting. However, age will naturally alter the appearance of your face, and some patients may request filler in the future to lift the cheek area and add some more dimension.

Will health insurance cover buccal fat removal?

Buccal fat removal is a cosmetic treatment and is not covered by medical insurance. However, buccal fat removal is a fairly affordable treatment, and the office staff can go over various payment arrangements.

What are the risks or side effects associated with buccal pad removal?

Risks and side effects are significantly reduced when a qualified plastic surgeon performs buccal pad removal. Dr. Rubinstein will explain the possible dangers during the consultation. Potential risks and side effects include bleeding, infection, asymmetry, and changes in sensation or numbness.

When can I resume my normal activities after buccal fat removal?

The recovery period after buccal fat removal is minor. Some patients resume their regular activities and return to work the same day, but most rest and return to work the following day.

What buccal fat removal office is near me?

If you live in the state of New York, Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Specialists offers buccal fat removal among its services. For a full list of services, please visit our Locations page.

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