Meet Dora

Meet Dora in NY


Smart Lipo neck and jaw line
Sculpra injections mid face
Juvederm for parenthesis and marionette lines.
Fraxel laser therapy skin rejuvenation.

Before Smart Lipo

Age 49: Patient was looking to turn back time without drastic surgery. She works for Ralph Loren where appearance and youthfulness go hand in hand. Her areas of concern were neck and jaw line skin laxity, deflation and sagging of her cheeks, parenthesis and marionette lines, and sun damage to her skin.

Smart Lipo - Obl Left - Before
Smart Lipo - Obl Left - After
Smart Lipo - Lateral Right - Before
Smart Lipo - Lateral Right - After

After Smart Lipo

Age 51: Two years after Smart Lipo surgery to tone her neck and jaw line performed in Dr. Rubinstein’s in office fully certified surgical suite under light sedation. After missing only one day from work, she returned with a more rested appearance. Her cheeks were lifted by restoring lost facial volume with Sculptra injections which will last more than two years. Her skin tone is even and glowing after Fraxel laser treatments.

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Smart Lipo Testimonial in NY
Smart Lipo Testimonial | NY