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Upper blepharoplasty
Laser treatments: Fraxel Dual resurfacing & Laser Facials for rosacea and spider veins. Botox injections for brow lifting and 11 lines.

Before Upper Blepharoplasty

At age 49, this patient whose profession is in sales wanted to maintain a competitive edge. She was bothered by the heaviness in her upper eye lids creating a tired appearance. She also has rosacea, causing facial flushing and spider veins. Years of sun exposure has caused significant sun damage.

Upper Blepharoplasty - Front - Before
Upper Blepharoplasty - Front - After
Upper Blepharoplasty - Obl Right - Before
Upper Blepharoplasty - Obl Right - After

After Upper Blepharoplasty

At age 53, four years after an upper blepharoplasty procedure as well as a series of Fraxel Dual and Laser Facials to help smooth wrinkles, even out skin tone, and treat the rosacea and spider veins. The patient has a renewed sense of confidence and youthfulness performed naturally without tell-tale signs of overdone surgery. Botox injections help maintain her brows in a more lifted position.

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