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Before The Facelift

56 year old gentleman bothered by skin laxity in his jaw line and neck. He had undergone non-surgical skin tightening with Thermage two years ago and wanted something more dramatic and long lasting. He had consulted with another plastic surgeon who had recommended a mini face lift (Life Style Lift with Thread Lift) but felt more comfortable with Dr. Rubinstein who had performed his upper and lower eye lift 4 years earlier. Dr. Rubinstein felt that a Life Style Lift would not give him the natural and long lasting results he was looking for and so he opted to undergo a more traditional face lift.

Facelift - Front - Before
Facelift - Front - After
Facelift - Obl Left - Before
Facelift - Obl Left - After

After The Facelift

Now 60 years old, four years after a multi-level face lift using the short scar technique. By using a shorter scar, the incisions can be hidden better in men who tend to have shorter hair. The multi-level lift is what gave this patient the more natural and long lasting results. This method lifts the deeper SMAS and muscle layer without pulling on the skin. This is in contrast to Thread Lifts, Mini Facelifts such as the Life Style Lifts, which only pull the skin, and therefore give that pulled look which quickly sags back to baseline. Two weeks after surgery, he returned to his busy work schedule and riding his motorcycle.

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Facelift testimonial | NY
Facelift testimonial | New York