The LCSS Rewards Program

What Exactly Is It?

The LCSS Rewards Programs allows our patients to accumulate points that they can then use for future injectable treatments, spa services and cosmetic surgery procedures.

The LCSS Rewards Program in NY

Is There a Sign-Up Fee?

Absolutely not. You can enroll in our Rewards Program by simply providing a valid phone number or email address. From there, we can track the amount of points you accumulate.

How Do I Earn Points?

Receive 200 points for:

  1. Spending $500
  2. Liking our Facebook Page
  3. Follow Us on Twitter
  4. Write a review on
  5. Referring A Friend

Receive 100 points for:

  1. Share one of our blog posts on Facebook (limit once per month)
  2. Post a before after picture and tag us on Facebook.

How Can I Redeem My Points?

Points can be redeemed for future injectable or spa treatments as long as you have been in for a spa and or Botox/filler injectable treatment in the past 4 months. Points can even be applied towards cosmetic surgery.

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