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Laser Genesis in Hudson Valley, NY

Struggling with redness, large pores, or uneven texture? Opt for Laser Genesis with Dr. Rubinstein in Newburgh, NY. Transform your skin into a smoother, more youthful canvas, all with zero downtime.

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Introduction to Laser Genesis Skin Therapy

Laser Genesis Skin Therapy is an advanced technology to improve human skin. Both men and women can use it to erase conditions associated with aging skin, like sun damage, redness, and tiny facial veins. This FDA-approved laser treatment is a safe and painless procedure that reduces wrinkles, tightens pores and stimulates collagen. Laser Genesis is offered by the Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Specialists of Newburgh, New York.

Two of the most popular reasons people use Laser Genesis skin therapy is for removing visible traces of telangiectasia and facial redness. Telangiectasia are dilated capillaries on the face, particularly around the nose, the cheeks and the neckline. These unsightly capillaries become dilated because of genetic predisposition, trauma, aging, and excessive sun exposure. Diffuse redness is also due to dilated capillaries in the face, but this appears as a general redness rather than clearly defined blood vessels. Dr. Ran Rubinstein is a board certified plastic surgeon performing Laser Genesis in New York.

Laser Genesis Skin Therapy is an advanced technology to improve human skin.
Laser Genesis Skin Therapy is an advanced technology to improve human skin.

To whom it may concerns, I have had sculpts treatments done by Dr. Rubinstein and have been thrilled by the results. people tell me that I look 30 years younger.

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Laser Genesis Procedure

This non-ablative procedure works by gently warming the upper dermis layer of the skin. There is no need for local or general anesthesia, nor any special gels or creams. Apart from facial treatment, the procedure is also effective in treating any blemishes on the neck or chest. On average, between 4 to 6 treatments are sufficient to create more vibrant, healthier-looking skin. The entire process is comfortable, unlike many other forms of skin therapy that cause bruising or irritated skin. These steps help ensure the best results. Unlike many other skin procedures, there is no noticeable discomfort. Since the procedure is not ablative or invasive, there is no wound on the skin’s surface. Consequently, there is no need for complicated, intensive post-treatment care.

Laser Genesis in Hudson Valley, NY
Laser Genesis Skin Therapy is an advanced technology to improve human skin.

Patient Results

* All patients are unique and individual results may vary.

Laser Genesis Results

During treatment, you will experience a warm sensation on your skin. After treatment there is some minor redness that lasts for a few hours. Initially, results are subtle, but there is a noticeable improvement after several treatments. Apart from a slight redness after treatment, which fades away completely after a few hours, patients have not reported any side effects.

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FAQs about Laser Genesis Skin Therapy

What should I expect during the treatment process?

The procedure is generally comfortable, taking less than an hour. It involves the use of a laser device that targets problem areas on your skin without any need for incisions.

What should I expect during the treatment process?

The treatment session generally takes less than an hour. Patients lie comfortably while a laser device is used to target problem areas of the skin. It is a straightforward process with no need for incisions or stitches.

Is the treatment painful?

Most patients find the procedure to be quite tolerable, describing the sensation as akin to a gentle warming of the skin. There’s typically no need for anesthesia.

What’s the downtime after treatment?

This procedure has the advantage of minimal downtime. Most patients find they can return to their daily activities immediately. Any minor redness usually dissipates within a few hours.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects are minimal and temporary. These can include slight redness or skin sensitivity, which typically resolves on its own within a day. Always consult with Dr. Rubinstein about any concerns you may have.

How long do the effects last?

The longevity of results can vary. However, many patients report sustained improvement for several months following a full treatment cycle. Periodic follow-up sessions can extend these benefits.

What Laser Genesis Skin Therapy office is near me?

If you live in the state of New York, Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Specialists offers laser genesis skin therapy among its services. For a full list of services, please visit our Locations page.

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