Reasons WHY Juvederm Volbella Is the Ultimate Lip Contouring Solution

Enhance your lips beautifully with Juvederm Volbella at our premier Newburgh, NY clinic. This leading lip filler treatment is perfect for those looking to subtly improve their lip fullness and contour.

What is Juvederm Volbella®?

Juvederm Volbella is specially formulated for those who wish to add volume to their lips while achieving a natural appearance. This treatment can refine the lip contours, enhance the cupid’s bow, and even smooth fine lines around the mouth.

Juvederm Volbella® is designed for the lips and peri-oral area.
Juvederm Volbella® is designed for the lips and peri-oral area.

Key Benefits of Juvederm Volbella

Juvederm Volbella offers several unique advantages for lip enhancement:

  • Subtle Lip Volume: Gently enhances the fullness of your lips for a more beautiful, youthful appearance.
  • Smooth Lip Lines: Effectively smoothens the appearance of lines around the mouth.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Enjoy beautiful lips for up to a year with just one treatment.
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Juvederm Volbella – What TO EXPECT

  • Personal Consultation: Start with a consultation with Dr. Rubinstein to discuss your aesthetic goals and determine if Volbella is right for you.
  • Quick and Comfortable Treatment: The injection process is swift and enhanced with Lidocaine, takes about 15 minutes, making it virtually painless.
  • Immediate, Natural Results: See instant results with minimal swelling or downtime, allowing you to continue your day without interruption.

I’m a perfectionist I do my research before doing anything to my face or body. He is the best. Educated, experienced, professional. I’ve been going to him for years and never had any problems. He will keep your face looking naturally beautiful. There has been times I’ve asked for more filler & he will say it’s too soon, not one to just do more for the money. The office & staff are great as well. You won’t be disappointed.

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Ideal Candidates for Juvederm Volbella

This treatment is excellent if you:

  • Desire Fuller Lips: Perfect for those looking to enhance the natural shape and volume of their lips.
  • Need Long-Lasting Effects: Ideal for individuals seeking a durable solution to lip enhancement.
  • Prefer a Non-Surgical Option: A great alternative for anyone wanting to avoid surgery.

Ready to Enhance Your Smile?

Embrace the benefits of Juvederm Volbella and let us help you achieve the luscious lips you’ve always desired. Book your appointment today and take the first step towards a more beautiful, confident you. Dr. Rubinstein and our skilled team are eager to support your transformation!

Volbella FAQ

What is Volbella®?

Juvederm Volbella® is an innovative, new lip filler made from hyaluronic acid. The latest edition to the Juvederm family of soft tissue fillers, Volbella® is unique in that it results in little swelling and provides results for a full year.

What areas can benefit from Juvederm Volbella®?

Juvederm Volbella® was designed specially to restore volume to the lips, enhance the lip border, plump lip lines, and ease marionette lines.

How long does a Volbella® treatment take?

Volbella®  injections are applied in a private treatment room, in Dr. Rubinstein’s Newburgh office. Each treatment session will take from 15 to 30 minutes.

Will my Volbella® injections hurt?

Juvederm Volbella® injections are not painful. Volbella® is premixed with lidocaine, a local anesthetic, so the area is gently numbed during each injection.

When will I see my results from Volbella®?

The contouring benefits of Volbella® can be seen immediately. Over the following months, the hyaluronic acid based gel will continue to keep lips looking full and beautiful.

When can I return to school or work after my Volbella® injections?

There is no downtime required, following a Volbella® session. Patients are free to return to work, school, and all normal activities immediately.

How long will the benefits of Volbella® last?

The results from Volbella® will last for up to 12 months, twice as long as traditional fillers. After this time, a quick maintenance procedure will be necessary.

What are the possible risks of Volbella® injections?

Volbella® has been approved by the FDA as a safe and effective method for plumping the lips. Bruising and tenderness are common side effects. However, on rare occasions, bleeding, infection, and nerve damage can also occur.

What Juvederm Volbella office is near me?

If you live in the state of New York, Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Specialists offers Juvederm Volbella among its services. For a full list of services, please visit our Locations page.