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Look Younger After a Breast Lift

While many women are concerned about the aging appearance of their faces and necks, the process of growing older is affecting every part of the body, from the hands to the breasts. Medical science hasn’t yet found a way to … Read more

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Is This Covered? Rhinoplasty and Insurance

Surgery is expensive, whether it’s a procedure you need to save your life or a procedure that will enhance your appearance. For that reason, plenty of people hope their insurance provider will offer at least some, if not full, coverage … Read more

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Adding SmartLipo to Body Procedures

When it comes to body contouring procedures, careful design and skillful execution are the real keys to success. As you plan for your body or breast surgery, you’ll work with your plastic surgeon to create the procedure that is best … Read more

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What Brings Patients Back for Revision Rhinoplasty?

There aren’t very many rhinoplasty patients who expect to have a second surgery when they’re planning the first. Since rhinoplasty results are considered permanent, not even changing with the results of aging, most patients of nasal surgeries have plans to … Read more

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Preparing for Your Breast Lift Consultation

A consultation with a plastic surgeon is an essential step in the planning process of any procedure, including the breast lift. It is your chance to discuss all concerns and questions you have may have. For the surgeon, it is … Read more

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Why Patients Visit Dr. Rubinstein for Revision Rhinoplasty

While many rhinoplasty patients undergo surgery with satisfactory results, others may not be pleased with how the nose appears once the feature has fully healed. Dr. Rubinstein, Chevy Chase-area facial plastic surgeon, caters to numerous patients who have requested revision … Read more

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Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a life-long battle for many men and women. Yet, the tremendous benefits associated with weight loss keep these people trying year after year. For those who do reach their ideal weight, the moment is one of … Read more

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When Patients Are Chastised After Undergoing Ethnic Rhinoplasty

While patients of ethnic rhinoplastymay seek refinement of their noses, many patients seek to preserve their ethnicity. The Difference Between Ethnic and WesternizingRhinoplasty These two types of rhinoplasty are often confused, though they are actually opposite procedures. Ethnic rhinoplasty is … Read more

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Your Breast Reduction Recovery: The Good, the Bad, and the Unexpected

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure that can create dramatic results for the right patient. Given the nature of this surgery and its recovery process, however, every breast reduction patient should be prepared to commit the time and get the … Read more

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Are You Ready for a Revision?

You had a feeling that you hated your new nose the minute your first rhinoplasty was over. But, you took the your doctor’s advice and waited to see if the results from the surgery would be more in line with … Read more

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