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Is Rhinoplasty Best in the Teen Years?

While no one has ever pinpointed a magic age where rhinoplasty is the most effective, many recent reports in the media have focused on teenage patients seeking nasal surgery. Whether it’s a bully driving them to it or just a … Read more

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The Benefits of the Clear + Brilliant Permea Laser

When your skin looks dull, lifeless, and sometimes flaky, it’s easy to get frustrated. Luckily, there are treatments available to give you that quick rejuvenating boost that you need to look and feel great. With the gentle but powerful skin … Read more

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Is a Chin Implant Right for You?

It might seem like a small detail, but the size and shape of your chin can really affect your entire face. A strong chin balances the other facial features, anchors your profile, and gives definition to the lower portion of … Read more

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Is CoolSculpting a Way to Lose Weight?

CoolSculpting has been a hot topic in plastic surgery clinics recently. The nonsurgical approach to fat removal has revolutionized patient treatments and benefitted many men and women already. From minimal recovery time to fabulous results, CoolSculpting has a lot to … Read more

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Patient’s Biggest Questions About Otoplasty

The ears are a sensitive subject for many prospective patients, even children as young as 6 years old. Adults and children alike can find solutions to their ear troubles with otoplasty, or ear surgery. This procedure can improve a patient’s … Read more

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How Does CoolSculpting Really Work?

With the introduction of CoolSculpting technology, the plastic surgery world changed forever. Suddenly, it became possible to offer a nonsurgical body contouring procedure to patients who couldn’t have liposuction for whatever reason. It saves time for surgeons and patients, offers … Read more

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Do You Need to Worry About Loose Skin After Liposuction?

Traditional liposuction methods can offer patients the chance to have the body they’ve always wanted. By eliminating bulges and pockets of fat from various spots on the body, liposuction can refine a patient’s body contour and achieve a sleeker look. … Read more

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Tech Neck and Premature Aging

You already know that your smartphone is a distraction. You know it can be addictive to check your email again and again, post on social media at all hours of the night, and have a constant link to the latest … Read more

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Look Younger After a Breast Lift

While many women are concerned about the aging appearance of their faces and necks, the process of growing older is affecting every part of the body, from the hands to the breasts. Medical science hasn’t yet found a way to … Read more

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Is This Covered? Rhinoplasty and Insurance

Surgery is expensive, whether it’s a procedure you need to save your life or a procedure that will enhance your appearance. For that reason, plenty of people hope their insurance provider will offer at least some, if not full, coverage … Read more

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