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sculptra - patient 19 - before 1


sculptra - patient 19 - after 1

Procedure: Sculptra


Procedure Description: Before: Age 53. Note loss of facial volume, sunken appearance of lower lids and cheeks, jowls with squaring off of jaw line compared to the more youthful fullness she had in her 30’s (see wedding photo) After: Age 60. Effects of Botox on brow elevation and frown lines. 3 Years after 3 Sculptra treatments (5 Vials total). Note how 7 years later, the patient appears 10 years younger due to filling in of areas of volume loss around her temples, cheeks, eyes, and jaw line. Patient has more of a heart shaped face vs. the more squared off appearance prior to treatments. Sculptra volume restoration has also made her face more “gravity proof” and slowed down sagging of her neck and jaw line.