3D Imaging Offers Many Benefits for Your Consultation and Post-Op Evaluation

Dr. Rubinstein has announced the arrival of the Canfield VECTRA 3D imaging system to Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Specialists. The innovative device is revolutionary in the way physicians and patients view pre- and post-op results.

About Canfield VECTRA 3D Imaging

The Canfield VECTRA 3D imaging system is a state-of-the-art device that takes a three-dimensional photograph of a patient, allowing alterations to be made digitally to life-like models. The preview of the plastic surgery results can be seen from all angles, improving the consultation experience. Post-op results are also able to be measured with precision, improving analysis before and after surgery. Dr. Rubinstein is excited to share the device with his patients, which can be used for body and face imaging. Patients who wish to have breast surgery, body contouring procedures, facelift, rhinoplasty, liposuction, and even facial fillers and skin resurfacing can get a preview of what they can expect from treatment. Through digital images, volume can be restored to facial contours such as the cheeks, changes can be made in size and shape to certain areas, and wrinkled or sagging skin can be tightened and smoothed.

How 3D Imaging Benefits Patients

Most physicians today have a digital photo gallery or book through which patients can view the transformation of others who underwent the same procedures that they are interested in. While these images are a great representation of the surgeon’s work and offer insight into their skill and experience, a patient’s expected outcomes cannot be based on the results of another person. Every individual has a unique facial structure, body anatomy, genetic makeup, and other factors that impact how procedures will turn out.

Digital imaging offers a personalized projection of results tailored to the individual. It also helps improve communication between surgeon and patient. While both people may think they understand what they other person is visualizing, sometimes this is proven to be untrue after surgery when a patient ends up dissatisfied with the way they look. Imaging can help reduce these cases since the results can clearly be seen by everyone and then discussed and tweaked as needed. There may be some discrepancies between the picture and actual outcome due to complications or factors with healing, but in general imaging software has been shown to be very accurate in presenting patientswith a good representation of what they can look like before surgery even occurs.

Dr. Ran Rubinstein is regarded as one of the best plastic surgeons in New York, performing a comprehensive selection of surgical and non-invasive procedures for the face. Patients interested in rejuvenating the face, or who wish to undergoing breast or body surgery with Dr. Rubinstein, can take advantage of the Canfield VECTRA 3D imaging system at Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Specialists in Newburgh in the Hudson Valley. Call 845-863-1772 to schedule a consultation to see a high-resolution image of what plastic surgery can do for you.