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Dr. Rubinstein brings the latest technology to the Hudson Valley! Please take a look at the exciting stories that we have been able to participate with. If you would like to contact Dr. Rubinstein to participate in a Press Release please Email Us at [email protected]

Help for excessive sweating - NY

  • Help for excessive sweating

    After the procedure, Kristi Tonndorf of Cornwall bought two fitted button-down blouses — one in hot purple and the other an aqua blue.

  • Cellulaze – More Than a Temporary Fix?

    Permanent treatment for cellulite. Really? Can it be so?The procedure, called Cellulaze, focuses on the fat below the skin, and attacks the brittle structural bands that are the real cause of that dimpled look.

  • New Laser Liposuction Procedure is Available

    Smartlipo Triplex, a new method of laser-assisted liposuction, is now being offered at Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Specialists in Newburgh, according to Dr. Ran Rubinstein, board-certified facial plastic surgeon, medical director and founder.

  • Best face forward: Why are more ‘average guys’ having cosmetic procedures?
    Who’s more appealing: the Grim Reaper with his sunken eyes and hollowed-out cheeks or a Muppet Baby?
    “There’s a built-in response. People are attracted to Muppet Babies and run from the Grim Reaper,” says Burt H. Shulman, 57, of Wappingers Falls. “Over the last 10 years, I noticed that people weren’t looking at me and smiling anymore. Cashiers would keep their heads down, their eyes down. This was not what I was used to.”

  • Inside Health Article

    As we age, lots of things change, including our skin. It loses elasticity, develops dark spots and scaly patches. It sags, making us look and feel old. With a new year on the horizon, who wants to look old? But there’s good news …

  • Best Face Forward
    Plastic surgery was once the only process available to restore a youthful facial appearance. But the technology exists today to produce near-surgical-quality results without invasive surgery.

  • The Hudson Valley Press
    Looking younger without surgery – among the first in the tri-state region offering two new aesthetic solutions to turn back the clock on aging and sun damaged skin.

Times Herald Record How To Guide Page 1: Spring 2007 - NY

  • Times Herald Record How To Guide Page 1: Spring 2007
    Times Herald Record How To Guide Page 2: Spring 2007
    Did you know that there are several names and variations associated with the face lift procedure? Depending on individual needs, patients with varying facial conditions will need different variations on the face lift. Here’s some information to keep in mind if you’re considering a face lift.

Hudson Valley Magazine : Keeping Up Appearances January 2007 - NY

  • Hudson Valley Magazine : Keeping Up Appearances January 2007
    Hudson Valley doctors are performing many new, noninvasive cosmetic procedures that are less time-consuming – and less expensive – than traditional plastic surgery. Welcome to the non-cutting edge. By A. J. Loftin

Times Herald Record Inside Health: Winter 2006 - NY

  • Times Herald Record Inside Health: Winter 2006
    There’s an effective new, non-surgical way to treat skin problems, ranging from acne to sun damage to potentially dangerous lesions. The quick, easy process is known as photodynamic therapy or PDT, and physicians and patients alike are raving about the results.

Times Herald Record A Subtler, Gentler Face-Lift  11/2/05 - NY

Times Herald Record Nonsurgical Way To Tighten Up Facial Skin  12/22/04  NY

  • Times Herald Record Nonsurgical Way To Tighten Up Facial Skin

    You’re just not a big risk-taker. But the good news is you don’t have to be. Thanks to technology like Thermage, a noninvasive skin tightening method that utilizes radio frequency energy, a niche has been carved out for kindlier procedures which are touted as providing more natural-looking results than some of the cosmetic techniques of yore

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