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Face Lift in New York

As we get older, the skin’s elasticity diminishes, allowing wrinkles, folds and excess skin to develop in the face. These aging signs can be particularly pronounced in the chin, jaw and neck. At Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Specialists of New York,

Dr. Ran Rubinstein performs the face lift to address these aging conditions for a more refreshed and youthful facial appearance.

What is a Facelift?

The facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, can dramatically improve the appearance of the face as well as the neck, allowing you to feel revitalized and more confident. Dr. Rubinstein performs the facelift in New York at his accredited surgical suite. As a facial plastic surgeon, he specializes in plastic surgery of the face and is well-versed in a variety of face lift techniques. Depending on the individual patient, he may perform a traditional facelift, a mini facelift (S-lift), a neck lift or non-surgical alternatives such as injectable fillers. Dr. Rubinstein’s goal for all of his New York patients is to achieve a natural rejuvenated look. He is able to show patients the youth restoring effects a facelift can have on them through 3D imaging technology with the Canfield VECTRA system during consultation. Digital imaging allows patients to see how each technique can impact their appearance.

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The facelift is typically performed with local anesthesia and intravenous sedation. For a traditional full facelift, Dr. Rubinstein starts the incision in the hairline at the temple and then continues in front of and around the ear and ends the incision in the scalp behind the ear. This incision allows him to tighten sagging muscles and connective tissues. Excess skin is then removed and, if needed, fatty deposits can be removed from beneath the chin and the neck. The surgery can take as much as five hours to complete.

Face Lift in NYPatients are often able to return to work and many other normal activities within ten to fourteen days after the facelift. A bandage will be applied to the head after surgery. Patients may experience some degree of discomfort, numbness, swelling and bruising. It may take as much as six months for the final result to be achieved.

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